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About VG6 Precision

about vg6 precision

VG6 was established in California in May of 2013 with one goal; to make quality muzzle devices and accessories. Since then the goal has been surpassed into a madness to create the absolute best muzzle devices in the industry. We sought innovation and efficiency. Now it is our obsession. We stayed up nights designing, testing and critiquing our products. Now we expect nothing less because you expect nothing less. Our paradigm has been, and always will be, to provide you the highest quality product.

5.56 muzzle devices

Choose your high-performance muzzle brake designed using state of the art engineering techniques. The unique combination of both muzzle brake and compensator functionalities along with EPSILON brakes with flash hider capabilities inspires shooter confidence and allows for quicker follow up shots.

5.56 Muzzle Brakes

7.62 muzzle devices

Optimized for use with full power rifle cartridges, VG6 Precision is the perfect choice for taming the recoil on everything from AR308s to your favorite bolt action rifle. By leveraging modern design principles both functionally and aesthetically, we continue to keep the VG6 product family at the cutting edge of muzzle device performance.

5.56 Muzzle Brakes

9mm muzzle devices

A unique porting design has been optimized for the pressures of 9mm, providing a very soft feel in the shoulder thanks to gas ports dimensions that have been strenuously tested to give the utmost control to the muzzle.

9mm Muzzle Brakes