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Our mission is to be the leading provider of high-quality, trusted, and configurable weapons to law enforcement and government agencies. Our unwavering dedication to quality ensures that every product we deliver is built to the highest standards of reliability and durability. We take pride in offering comprehensive warranties that provide peace of mind and demonstrate our commitment to standing behind our products.

Close Quarters – Vehicle/ Patrol (CQ-V/P)

The Aero Precision CQ- V/P Rifle is an ideal solution for when the overall mission dictates a compact duty rifle.  This Short-Barreled Rifle is perfect for routine operations in a confined space environment or when storage inside a compact vehicle or aircraft is required.  The CQ- V/P is an excellent host for a suppressed system, enabling the user to keep the overall rifle length down.  This variant is available in 10.5, 11.5, or 12.5 inch barrel lengths, and handguard can be tailored to the mission requirements. 

Close Quarters

Intermediate Patrol Rifle (IPR)

The Aero Precision Intermediate Patrol Rifle is a modernized solution for standard use on patrol or as a Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR).  Perfect for daily patrol use and storage, ready should the need arise.  Features selected ambidextrous controls and a free float MLOK handguard to keep weight down, the IPR can be configured in either 14.5 carbine (SBR) or 16 inch variants based on agency needs.  Paired with a LAHAR-K suppressor this system provides an excellent patrol solution with reduced sound and flash signature.

Intermediate Patrol

M5 Designated Marksman Rifle (M5 DMR)

The M5 Designated Marksman Rifle provides the ballistic capabilities of .308 caliber in the semi-automatic precision rifle role.  The M5 DMR allows the end user to provide a faster response and deliver multiple rounds on target when mission dictates.   Available in both a 16- and 18-inch version, the compactness of the system allows the user to quickly employ a precision rifle in both urban and rural areas.  Options are available to outfit the rifle with LAHAR series suppressor to support reduced sound and flash signature.  The M5 excels in aerial or maritime interdiction roles.

M5 Designated Marksman

SOLUS Bolt Action Rifle

The Solus Bolt Action Rifle provides an accurate platform for the Urban Sniper meeting all the requirements in the traditional precision rifle role.  Standard features include integrated 20 MOA picatinny rail, enlarged ejection port, and adjustable chassis with built in ARCA rail.  The Solus is available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor offerings, with chassis, action, and barreled action are offered as a stand-alone option for those who want to upgrade their current systems.   When paired with a LAHAR suppressor, it offers an accurate and dependable solution for the complete sniper mission set.

SOLUS Competition Rifle

LAHAR-30 Suppressor

The employment of the LAHAR -30 suppressor provides multiple tactical advantages to the professional end user.  Reduced sound and flash not only help protect hearing, but it significantly improves situational awareness and allows faster follow up shots on target.  The LAHAR series suppressors are built to last, constructed of 17-4 Stainless Steel with an Inconel blast baffle.  In addition, they are full auto rated, and designed for minimal and consistent POI shift.  There are three separate lengths available, designed specifically to meet end user requirements.

Lahar-30 Suppressor

The Aero Precision Law Enforcement Sales program is here to help supply your agency with the tools you need! For law enforcement ordering inquiries, please contact us by clicking the button below and filling out the appropriate fields. This program is available for both law enforcement agencies as well as individual officers purchasing for duty use.

*Individual officers purchasing for duty use must supply a signed letterhead from their agency recognizing the purchase.


Does Aero deliver directly to departments?
Yes, we prefer to only ship to departments. We will ship to FFLs in very specific circumstances.
Does Aero offer spare parts to departments in addition to complete rifles?
Yes, we can supply your department with all Aero SKUs in addition to complete rifles.
Does Aero complete all ATF paperwork prior to delivery?
Yes, all paperwork will ATF forms will be completed for submitted/approved by ATF prior to delivery at no cost to the department.
Is there a maximum or minimum quantity for a department order?
No, there are no minimum or maximums. We have supported a department that needs 5 units up to several thousand units.
Does Aero do T&E rifles for our department?
Yes, there is an opportunity for a test rifle. Please reach out to our LE sales team for more information.
What calibers are currently offered to LE agencies?
.223/5.56 and .308
How long is delivery?
Please reach out to our LE Sales Team for the most up to date delivery information.
What documentation do I need to provide for our department's order?
A formal letterhead order request and formal PO submission is required for an order to be placed.